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04-11-2001-Central / Northern IA Print E-mail
Friday, 30 July 2010 23:49

Total Distance: 500 miles
Target Area: Iowa Falls, IA
Chase Area: Waterloo to LaPorte City, IA
Maximum SPC Risk category: High

I wasn't really planning on chasing this day, seeing how it was a school day. I checked the SPC around 10a to see what was going on when I read the mesoscale discussion regarding outlook upgrade to high. I printed off the latest model output and realized that it was going to be a big day (or the potential was there at least). So, after lunch, I left school, heading for central/northern IA. I headed straight south on I-35 into northern IA. PDS watches were post from I-35 and eastward. NWR was going off left and right with warnings as I headed east towards Waterloo.

A supercell was approaching from the southwest as I headed southward from Waterloo. I made it through La Porte City (I think that was the town), after which time I quickly noticed a funnel dropping from the supercell. So, I turned around quickly, and went east through the town. There was some minor damage east of town, but I didn't hit the 'record' button correctly as it is not on my tape. I spent the rest of the day playing catch-up, before giving up and heading back home.



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